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We are here for you the entire way!

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Consulting & Quoting

Our team members are here to help answer any questions you may have about the process and offer insight that comes from years of experience in the board gaming business (both as manufacturers AND as gamers).  We will work with you on every component decision to find the "sweet spot" of quality and value to achieve your goals for the game.

The more details that can be sorted out here, the more efficiently both sides can work through the production steps and get your board game made.

We will provide you an itemized quote for multiple print run options (as low as 500!) and can discuss additional details such as shipping estimates, sample costs and other topics.

Sample & Production

After all assets have been submitted, our experienced team will inspect each and every file to ensure it is fit for production. A white sample can be arranged for physical confirmation of components (digitally printed pieces can be included for a cost). 

Once you are confident in the product, mass production will begin.  This process can vary based on components, but generally will take 30-60 days.  During this process details will be confirmed regarding any specific aspects of your game that require further scrutiny or discussion.

At this point, Gameland  has a rigorous inspection process to ensure quality and consistent production throughout.  Once passed, the games will be on their way to you.

Testing, Shipping & Fulfillment

Gameland can also set up desired safety testing that your game may require (such as EN71), depending on the market it is to go to retail.

Our project managers will assist in providing shipment costs with their recommended carriers but will also gladly arrange shipment with companies you prefer to work with as well.

Beyond shipment, fulfillment (particularly for Kickstarter projects) can be a HUGE hurdle, especially for first-time designers.  Again, we are happy to work with whomever you would choose.

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