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Some Starting Resources

Below we have provided some basic additional information related towards the overall process of making a game.  But we realize that there are so many working parts, and we want you to understand that we are there for you at every step. 


Your Game Is Unique

We don't treat making a game like assembling something from IKEA.  No two games are the same, and we are prepared to work with you on your project to make it special.

Communication Is Key

To help ensure that no detail is overlooked and no question goes unanswered, you will be assigned a project manager dedicated to your game as well as US Sales associate to aid in communication and the process as a whole.

Designer Guide

Below is a PDF file that explains a bit more about the processes and specifications that go into the production of some of the components for your board game.

Common Images

The files below are some of the more commonly needed images for boxes, rulebooks, etc.

                                               Please keep in mind, some of

                                               these symbols require testing

                                               before they can be placed on

                                               your game box.

Important Box Icons.png

Outside Of Production

There are several aspects to the process of getting your game in people's hands that go beyond production... and we are there to help with those as well. 


We are happy to put you in touch with companies that can take care of these extra hurdles that game designers and publishers sometimes do not wish to deal with:

Pledge Managers (for Kickstarters)


Consignment Retail Opportunities

Your MOST Important Resource... US!

GameLand team.jpg

The process of printing a board game is a marathon, not a sprint.  There will questions and confusions along the way; we are here to keep everything progressing and to help you find answers to all your questions.  It is our goal for you to be 100% satisfied with the final product, because we take pride in our role of bringing your game to life!

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